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Self-Help Books for Personal and Spiritual Growth
Children's Books for the Whole Family

karmic astrology
Karmic Astrology
Past Lives, Present Loves 
 This is one of my favorite astrology books. The karmic element of Aharoni's work is especially intriguing" 
She is clearly a well seasoned astrologer and this book is a gem to read " - Review in Amazon

 Neorahpress@gmail.comIf you would like to buy this book, please contact <<<


combination of tarot and astrology

The Magical Combination
of Tarot and Astrology

How to Improve Your Readings
with Astro-Taro


the fool's journey   The Fool's Journey 
A Journey to Wisdom 

How to Become
an Insightful Tarot Reader 

someone please open a window

Someone Please Open a Window 

 An Inspirational Children's Book 

A Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book 


yoga for the whole family

Yoga - For Me and You 
and the Children Too 
Yoga Activity for the Whole Family 
for teachers and yoga teachers too 


About Ruth Aharoni

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